Infinite Measure
Learning to Design in Geometric Harmony with Art, Architecture, and Nature

by Rachel Fletcher


Infinite Measure is a creative workbook and an authoritative reference guide for teachers, students, and practitioners of design, including architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, painting, sculpture, the graphic arts, theater and stage design, and even musical instruments and crafts. Taking pages from books of nature, art, and architecture, Fletcher provides visual designers of all art forms and disciplines with geometric methods for achieving proportion and composing harmonious spaces and places. [more]

Harmony by Design: The Golden Mean
by Rachel Fletcher


The catalog for the traveling exhibition Harmony by Design: The Golden Mean is an indispensable teaching tool for all design disciplines. It includes five methods of drawing the golden mean with a compass and rule and and representational drawings showing the implementation of the golden mean proportion in architecture from 2800 B.C. with Stonehenge to the present day.

Stradivarius, Vieuxtemps, 1790






Reproduction by Peter Stolley, Bellows Falls, VT