Harmony by Design


$11.95 U.S. or FREE with purchase of Infinite Measure
29 pages with 25 drawings and illustrations and 1 mylar insert
5″ x 8″ upright/landscape
Published by Beverly Russell Enterprises, 1995

Harmony by Design: The Golden Mean as a Design Tool
by Rachel Fletcher

This catalog for the traveling exhibition Harmony by Design: The Golden Mean is an indispensable teaching tool for all design disciplines: industrial design; graphic design; interior design; architecture; landscape architecture; and textile design.

The information includes five methods of drawing the golden mean with a compass and rule:

  • How to draw a golden mean rectangle
  • How to draw a golden mean spiral
  • How to draw a golden mean system of proportion beginning with a double square
  • How to draw a pentagon and find the golden section
  • How to divide a line of one unit in the golden section

Each method is illustrated with representational drawings showing the implementation of the golden section in architecture from 2800 B.C. with Stonehenge to the present day.

The catalog includes a unique transparent mylar measuring device which enables the student to correspond real objects with golden mean proportions.


Donato Bramante, elevation and plan, c. 1502





Sebastiano Serlio, Il terzo libro dell’architettura, 1540